Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Nature Trail

How old it that pine tree? 
Is that a hemlock, dogwood or oak tree?
How does a tree grow on stilts?
What's the difference between sandstone and trap rock?
And what the heck is a tallus slope?

Geology, botany, plant science, natural history...  and you just thought you were going on a hike this morning!

The nature trail is a 1 ½ mile self-guided walk through the natural science of the park.  Follow the blazes and find trees, rocks and fences with green numbered circles.  A guide book is available on the SGPA website.

The park is beautiful, but knowing how it got the way it did, what grows in it, you start to notice the little things.  So download the guide, get the kids and hit the trails.  They'll be telling you all about glacial plains and microhabitats in no time.

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