Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Internet is Forever

Hi gang, it's been a while.

And in that time, the CFPA and their volunteers have been busy moving trails, opening new trails, and closing trails that either can't be maintained or to which they've lost access. When folks comment on my old posts, I try to make updates to keep things close to current.

Why bother?  Well, funny thing.  Even though it's been a long time since I've made a new entry, this blog sees quite a bit of activity:

It's no surprise that spring and fall seem to be the time to get out into the woods. Search terms like Mattabesett and Higby keep popping up, as well as Lillinonah.  So far this month, the Naugatuck Trail seems to be getting a lot of love - how does Egypt Brook look about now?

So I'll tell you what - you keep commenting on posts with updates or corrections as you hike along, and I'll try to keep things updated.  In fact, if anyone wants to publish a post here with their latest hike, let me know.  I'll bet we can make that happen.

The latest update came from Teresa, letting us know about the extension of  the Paugussett Trail south of Indian Well State Park.  That's where I stopped when I hiked the trail, but now there's another 10 miles or so to explore.

The CFPA Interactive Map shows the way, and I'll bet you can find info on-line (and right here once I get back to Connecticut a take a little walk).

In the meantime, keep those cards and letters coming.  Or at least comment back in if you find hike details that need correction or an addition.


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