Monday, May 10, 2010

Giant Master!

That's it!  The Nature Path was the last trail I needed to complete my goal of hiking every blazed trail in Sleeping Giant Park.  There were trails I've been on over and over, and trails I have never seen before.  And it just took a few weeks.  It's a great park to wander around - come on out!

But in hiking all over, and reading about the park, there are spots I haven't checked out yet.  What's the Lost Vista trail?  Where was the Carriage Path?  Is there really evidence of a long dead volcano?

I guess I'm just not done yet.  The Sleeping Giant Park Association sponsors the Giant Masters Program, and recognizes each member who has hiked all the park's trails.  But they also note Four Season Giant Masters, and 12 Month Giant Masters.  Since I've done the trails, and it's still spring, I could always do it again this summer... and fall, and winter...  Here we go - the Four Season Giant Masters Program!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! It's a great feeling! I'm working on the 12-in-12 - just started June - isn't' it fun - and amazing how different the trails look going backwards or forwards - in spring, winter, summer or fall? Keep going - it's worth it - someof my friends think I should be committed, but what the heck - keeps me off the streets and out of trouble! Good luck!



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