Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's just a nice morning for a hike...

My son was down from Boston, we took time for a little hike this morning - starting at the Tuttle Ave Red Circle trailhead, east over the horsetrail to the Red Square trail.  We took an unmarked trail off the Square.  It's on the park map as just a dotted line.  Maybe the Lost Vista trail I've heard of?  If so, the vista was lost behind the trees.  I'll check again in the winter - there should be good views north and east.

I took the map and pointed out the unmarked trail as our target.  Just after we passed the ski trail, I asked "Is this the turn-off?"
"I think so" he answered, "but we'll know if we pass the Violet in a minute."
"There it is - we're like Lewis and Clark!  Do you want to be Lewis or Clark?"
"Clark" he says.
"Why?  Did something happen to Lewis?"
"No, but his name was Meriwether."

Fair point.

After a little bushwacking, we picked up the blue trail and headed west, taking in the views from the Giant's knee.  A little farther, a pair of turkey vultures were riding the air currents - and flew up the cliffs just as we broke out of the trees.  It's impressive when a bird that size looks like it's coming right at you !

We hiked down the Red Circle along the stream and past the waterfalls, back to the trail head. With the stream running low, it was easier to check out the cave in the waterfall at the start of the Cascade - scaring a couple of birds off their nest in the process.  OK guys, the place is yours.  We're just passing through.

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  1. Lost Vista is the unmarked trail between Violet and Blue on the East End. Go just past the intersection of Violet and Red Square and turn left onto the unmarked trail. It actually starts on the Red Square, but I've never taken it from there. There's a nice view of Castle Craig (if you've got good eyesight). If you keep on, you come to the Blue.



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