Saturday, July 3, 2010

Round Two

Time to start my summer Master's hikes - once again hiking all the blazed trails sometime between now and the beginning of fall.  This morning it was Blue trail up the Giant's Head, past the Tower, a quick turn at Red Circle onto the Violet trail back to the river, and then up the Red Diamond trail for a nice slow finish along the Mill River.

And I took my own suggestions from the last time I hiked the Blue - kept it to two hours, only did part of the trail and I hiked up to the Chin from the quarry instead of down the other way.  And you know what? 

Those are good suggestions!  Though it's still a little work to get up that rock face.  About two thirds of the way up, I was wondering why in the world I do this.  Then I made it over the top, pushed through the trees and out onto the cliffs.

The air was crystal clear this morning.  7am on top of the Chin and the view south was spectacular.  Looking out over Hamden - Mt Carmel Congregational Church tower, the tree fields at Broken Arrow Nursery, downtown New Haven bracketed by East and West Rock.  It was even clear across the Sound - glittering blue and white water all the way to the sandy shores of Rocky Point, Long Island.  (at least that's my guess, it's due south from New Haven).  I wish I had my camera.  But then maybe not - a photo just wouldn't do it justice. 

A little farther up the trail, and the view north was just as clear - the Hanging Hills in Meriden, blue green shapes rising out of the forest.  From West Peak and Hubbard Park over to Chauncey Peak and Lamentation Mountain to the east. 

By the time I made it to the Tower, the haze started to build up, shortening the view.  I don't know how many spider webs I walked through along the way!  I understand it might be a good spot to spin a web to try and catch something - lot's of traffic through there.  But don't you think that's a little ambitious of them?  I mean I can just picture George and Martha Spider waiting over on the side.  A hiker comes through and, 'thwap' - takes a web across the forehead.  George starts jumping up and down - "I got one, I got one!"  And Martha just stares at him sideways, the look saying "OK hotshot, now what are you going to do with it?!"

Anyway, it was a good start to the season.  Tomorrow's the Fourth of July.  That just calls for a hike on the Red White and Blue trails, don't you think?

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  1. As I saw your post, I wondered if we might have passed each other yesterday - then I saw the time - 7 a.m would have been a great time to be out - I was just starting around 8:30 and in the four hours I was out the temp climbed from 72 to 92. If you went out today, hope it was early! At 9:30 when we met for Trails Crew, it was already 82 - Good luck on the Summer GM!



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