Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back on the Giant

It's been a few weeks since I was in Sleeping Giant Park, but it's a great day - humidity's down, a little breezy... - and I had some time to kill, so...

From the main parking lot, I took the Orange trail to the Red Circle trail, then on to the Green trail back to it's start on top of the Giant's Chest.  The White, White/Blue and then Blue trails over to the Tower, and the Tower Path back down to the parking lot.  Just about 5 miles over a 2+ hour hike.

Looking South from the Giant's Chest -
Quinnipiac U, East Rock and New Haven

While trails like the Blue and White take you across the tops of the ridges that make up Sleeping Giant, the Orange and Green run along the valleys between them.  The Orange heads up across the south side of the second ridge with views to East Rock and New Haven.  From the Green, you look up at the cliffs below the Tower, and make your way up to the Giant's Chest - great views west to the Giant's Chin and south past Quinnipiac, to New Haven and Long Island Sound (if it's clear - today there was just a little shimmer in the distance).

The trails were quiet today.  Along the way, I passed a few hikers walking their dogs - or following quickly after their dogs.  Four legs and you can negotiate the trails a little better!

As usual, the Tower Path was busy with walkers, joggers and a lot of little kids heading to the Tower.  One little girl wanted an adventure, but Dad wasn't going for it.
"Honey, we're not exploring any caves today."
"Daddy, we are 'sploring caves." 
I've seen that look in a little kid's eyes before - I wouldn't bet against her.

Along the Green Trail

Rock Formation - Indian Head looking
down on the Tower Path

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