Sunday, April 25, 2010

The White Trail, Yellow Trail and center Yellow/Green connector

6 miles, 3 hours.

Describe the view of the Giant from the south.  After the head, you see the chest, the hip and leg, the knee, the foot...   the hills, peaks and ridges that make up the Giant's profile.  You know what else they have in common> they are the White Trail.  Up and then down the chest, up and then down the hip, along the leg, up and then down the knee... you get the idea.  This trail is a workout - sometimes hiking, sometimes hands, knees and feet climbing up the rock face.  But along the way are great views of the cliffs, and then Hamden, New Haven and the Sound to the south.

The way I was clomping up and down the trails (200 pounds of tired and clumsy) I wasn't surprised the only hint of wildlife was the sound of chipmunks, squirrels dashing away.  Birders - a rufous-sided towhee hopping through the brush didn't seem too concerned with me.

After an hour and a half exercise along the White Trail, the Yellow Trail is a nice comfortable hike through the woods.  Most of it is a wide, soft path - except for a tough section below the Giant's hip that is steep, eroded and full of loose rock and sand.  Fortunately, the trail teams built steps up (in my case down) one of the more treacherous sections. 

Halfway along the trail, there is a connector between the Yellow and Green trails.  Part glacial path, part cut trail, this lets you make a loop instead of hiking the full length of the park and back like I did.

And on the Yellow Trail, I made a discovery I can only compare to Ponce De Leon finding the Fountain of Youth.  I found the mythical beer bush - growing a fresh bottle of Magic Hat!  Alas, it wasn't yet ripe.

Now I pack a trash bag with me to clean up these little gifts...

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