Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Waterfall Hike

April 1, 2010
1 ½ Miles, 45 minutes

Some days, I just need a quick nature-fix. This hike loops around from the Red Circle to Triange trail, across the Violet trail and back down the Circle trail. If you want a quick lunchtime walk, or a relaxing hike at the end of the day, this might the route for you.

Park at the Circle trailhead on Tuttle Avenue (about 1 mile off Whitney Ave) and take the horse trail west to the red Triange trail. After all the rain the last few days, the horse trail was flooded in some spots, marshy in others, and crossed about five new streams that had formed.

The Triangle trail is a steep hike up the hill - 350' ascent - along a stream for most of the way. If you lose the trail, just keep hiking up hill and keep the water within ear-shot. This is a small stream, but you'll pass a series of waterfalls on the way up. Turn east at the Violet trail and hike back across the park. The trail is fairly flat, and a nice walk beneath the ridge that forms the Giant's left hip and leg. It feels cooler and calmer here, this should be a nice spot come summer.

The Red Triangle trail crosses the Violet trail at another stream. Turn and head back north, following the stream as it winds toward the Gorge Cascade. The trail follows the stream all the way down. Feeder streams join in, and the rocky descent forms small waterfalls along the way.

As the trail works its way back down along the falls, check the trees. One looks like it pulled itself up and was running away from the rising water. Maybe, here in the land of the giant stone spirit Hobbomock, there's an Indian legend that covers that.

The only animal life I ran into (or the other way around) was a chocolate lab bounding up the trail at the Cascade. We played a little tug of way with a stick he conquered. His owner came puffing up the hill a minute later, leash in hand, scolding the dog for running away (but isn't that what dogs do?) The dog was a lot friendlier than the owner - relax pal, enjoy the walk.

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  1. That last picture makes me think of Fantasia, when all the brooms come to life and start walking around!



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