Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No Time to Hike?

Are you in Connecticut?  Yes? - good.  Then get outside now!!  The weather is great (when it's not raining), good hiking temps, and the forests are exploding with Mountain Laurel - little pink or white flowers sparkling all over the place.  Get your friends, pack up the kids and get out there!

No time to get out, you think?  Connecticut has more than 70 state parks and 30 state forests. Add the trails in municipal parks, preserves and utilities, and you're minutes from a hike almost anywhere in the state.   Come on out.

Got an hour?  Take this little hike along the White Trail at Sleeping Giant State Park.

Cross the bridge from the parking lot, onto the White

Splash around in the stream a little

Summer is almost here - Mountain Laurel in bloom

Beautiful open woods

After a night of heavy rain, even the trail is a stream.
Look for little froggies hopping around the puddles.


  1. Thanks SH - it's a great spot for a quick hike, or for a half day wander.

  2. I'm going back to Connecticut this weekend and I'm pumped! Some great pictures of CT you got there.

  3. MT. Higby- dog owners please note: look for ticks on your dogs. Found one on my pooch 11/26/11.

  4. That's good advice for dogs or hikers, A. That frost in October should have killed them off for the year, but ticks are tough little things. It's always a good idea to check for them after a hike!



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