Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Holidays at Sleeping Giant

On Sunday,  the Sleeping Giant Park Association celebrated the season with their Holiday Hike and Social.  About 50 people showed up for a two mile hike, and more met up for the party a little later.  After all, who can resist a roaring fire, cookies and snacks and hot mulled cider with friends on a chilly afternoon.  Add in a Christmas Carol sing, and you've got the Holiday Social.

Hiking down the Nature Trail

A short break at the overlook

Almost time for the carol sing

The SGPA is a volunteer organization to protect and enhance the park - maintaining and improving the hiking trails with the Trail Crew, organizing hikes to bring more people into the park and to teach them what's around, maintaining the park website and its quarterly newsletter to keep us informed about what's going on there.  And keeping an eye on neighboring land to protect and expand the park.

They do a tremendous job making sure Sleeping Giant stays a great place to visit.  No matter where you hike, there's a group like this clearing the way for you.  So where ever you are, join up and become a member, volunteer a little time, make your park or forest or trail a little better for the next guy.

If you're in southern Connecticut, I'll make it easy.  Here's a link to the SGPA membership page.

They picked a great day for the party - sunny, not too cold.  And timing was good - the next day, the park looked like this...

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