Sunday, November 14, 2010

Black and White

For all the research I do about the park or forest I'm hiking, sometimes there's a welcome surprise or two. While I finish cleaning up the photos, here are a few shots of the day.

For any of Carmi's friends visiting from Written, Inc - black and white with a twist. Come back in a few days and I'll take you on a wander around the Salmon River and Day Pond Brook.

It's too nice to stay inside.  Besides, I don't know any of the
symphonies for two hands and a paw.

Hunters forewarned - I AM NOT A DEER
Even black and white, I love the falls!


  1. Beautiful pictures, your cat looks so relaxed sitting there on the piano. The picture of you made me laugh, I know the feeling of being out in the woods during hunting season.

  2. I like the things you find when you wander the world around you: If anyone can capture the unique slices that surprise and delight, it would be you.

    We had a black cat years ago, but that was before we got the piano. That photo is such a delight!

  3. Nice kitten on the keys! The black and white photo of the falls is awesome! Is it the gorge? Sometimes I think B&W makes better photos!

  4. Beautiful cat! Nice B & W photos, especially of the water falls....feels like being there!

  5. Thanks guys. That peaceful looking cat was really just looking down trying to find an escape route from the indignity of being posed. I clicked just in time. It's fine when he wants to play there, just not when I want to shoot it.

  6. Can the cat play "chopsticks"? Looks as though he's ready for a duet! Love the shot!



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