Monday, October 18, 2010

Butterworth Brook Reservoir

Have you been to Sleeping Giant State Park?  I spent a long lunch there today, but not where you'd expect. Northwest across Tuttle Avenue, the Butterworth Brook property is not developed - no trails yet - but this time of year is really worth a look...

Enter along Butterworth Brook

Into the forest, and up the hill - it wouldn't be Sleeping Giant without a rock ledge to climb

You're never really alone in the forest - 

Heading back down, the reservoir peeks through the trees - 

Autumn reflections

And here's where a point and shoot, auto focus camera doesn't quite catch the shot I wanted - the flock of geese taking off just behind that branch the camera focused on.  

What do you think, great property to wander around?  


  1. Really beautiful colours, and great shots! I don't blame you not wanting to head into the cold stuff yet....

  2. Glad you made it to that area - it really is lovely - and it's true, the camera just doesn't seem to be able to capture the "wow!!!" factor with any reliability. Your pictures, however, do a really good job!



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